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Braddock Builders is a family owned business located in our hometown of Frederick, Maryland. Our experience in the construction/building industry coupled with our extreme pride in workmanship, create a list of truly satisfied customers.
          Craig Campbell
I would encourage you to please give me a call and let's talk about your home improvement needs. My years of experience in home building are a great resource for you. Combine that with quality craftsmanship and honest pricing, you will experience a new level of a home improvement company.
Please look around our web site as there are great resources for you as a homeowner to discover. Check our extras page where there is a a video on choosing the right contractor.
If you have special needs for any home project, please call. We are  associated with the many quality home improvement specialists in the Frederick area. You can save time and money by having them work with our team for estimates and to start and complete projects.
Do you need an estimate?
Estimating material and labor costs are a part of our services. We can provide you with a complete estimate for your needs at no cost to you. There are certain types of estimates that do require a nominal fee, please call us and we will let you know up front the charge for this service.
Do you have a question?
It has been our experience that homeowners have many questions regarding improvement , remodeling, home repairs etc. We encourage you to call us with your questions. It's like having an Uncle in the building business! We can always find  time to answer your questions!
Braddock Builders proudly serving
the following communities in Maryland:
Frederick County
Adamstown, Buckeystown, Brunswick, Burkittsville, Braddock Heights, Frederick, Jefferson, Middletown, Myersville, New Market, Walkersville,  Urbana , Mt Airy
Washington County
Boonsboro, Sharpsburg, Smithsburg, Hagerstown, Keedysville
Montgomery County
Barnesville, Boyds, Bealsville, Clarksburg, Dickerson, Damascus, Hyattstown
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Enhance the beauty of your newly remodeled space with an artistic mural.
Professionally designed and painted to your specifications.
                Arched window murals
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Top 10 ways to prevent mold in your home.
by Braddock Builders

Mold growth requires 3 elements
 (1) Moisture
 (2) heat
 (3) food source, in my opinion the most effective way to control mold is to deal with moisture. Our recommendations are below.

1: Act quickly to deal with any known leaks or spills, do not allow water to sit or soak in, use towels to dry surfaces and fans if necessary.
2: Basement areas: check furnace filter monthly, replace at least every other month. Check perimeter of basement during and after periods of heavy rain for wet or damp areas. Dirt or gravel in crawl spaces should be covered with plastic to prevent moisture from seeping up.
3: Bathrooms: proper venting is critical, use exhaust fans or open a window while taking showers; leave the fan on for several minutes after showering. Check grout and caulk around tub and shower areas to ensure a good seal. Check the floors around tubs and showers for signs of water damage. Check the inside of the vanity for leaks. Replace shower curtain if it has mold on it.
4: Kitchen: again proper venting is important, use exhaust fan, check inside the sink cabinet for signs of dripping pipes or moisture, also check around the refrigerator and dishwasher for signs of leaks.
5: Laundry rooms: Check the floor around the washing machine and the hose connections behind for leaks. Water supply hoses should be replaced every other year. Check proper venting of dryer; do not leave wet clothes in washing machine.
6: Roof and gutter systems, check the roof several times a year, for personal safety use binoculars. Hire a professional if you see evidence of problems and have it inspected. Check gutters and ensure they are secure, cleared of debris, and do not allow standing water. Check downspouts, they should be free of debris, make sure the ends discharge water away from the house.
7:Exterior surfaces: Inspect mortar on brick and stone surfaces, look for cracks on stucco, on siding check for loose areas and proper caulking, on wood trim boards look for evidence of rotten or loose pieces.
8: Doors: Check exterior doors for a tight fit, and weather stripping.  Some newer doors have adjustable sills and latch plates. Check caulking where the door meets exterior surfaces, especially any areas that protrude past the exterior surface.
7: Windows: Check the exterior seal at windows where they meet the brick or siding, you may want to use binoculars for upper areas.  This should be done at least twice a year. Ensure windows close and lock tightly. Make sure the drain holes are open in window sills.
8 Foundation walls:  check for cracks or gaps in the exterior surface of the wall, minor cracks can usually be repaired by a homeowner.
9 Grading: check to ensure proper grading to carry water away from the house, do not over fill mulch and flower beds against the house. Fill any settlement areas with dirt.
10 Humidity: turn down humidifyers if you see moisture on window glass, use a de- humidifier during the spring, summer and fall months, these are very effective even when using air conditioners.

Hopefully you find these recommendations helpful. More complete information can be found on web sites from companies who specialize in this area. Please view our web site for other helpful suggestions or ideas on proper home maintence

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